Ichchha Agriculture

Our company is founded on the principles of innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Moonsun Agriculture Production and Processing Pvt. Ltd. is a promising, newly established agriculture company on 2023/08/06 in Nepal , kathmandu which is committed to revolutionizing the farming industry and ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture in Nepal .

“At Moonsun Agriculture Production and Processing Pvt. Ltd., our mission is to harness the power of modern agricultural practices to provide high-quality, nutritious food while preserving the land and ecosystems for generations to come. We are dedicated to supporting farmers and communities, promoting their well-being, and fostering responsible land management.”

“Our vision at Moonsun Agriculture Production and Processing Pvt. Ltd. is to become a trailblazer in the agriculture industry, setting new standards for sustainable farming, processing, and distribution. We aim to lead the way in developing cutting-edge agricultural technologies and environmentally friendly practices. Through our work, we envision a future where agriculture contributes to global food security, economic growth of the nation by promoting export of agricultural crops and goods harvested as well as produced in Nepal , to strengthen the economic structure of hard working farmers ensuring worth earning for their sweat hard work “ .

Our Running Project

Moonsun Agriculture Production and Processing Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering on this mission and vision by embracing the latest advancements in agriculture, prioritizing the welfare of our farming partners, and actively engaging in sustainable agricultural practices as well as trainings to leave a positive and lasting impact inside the Nation , Neighbour countries as well as the entire World .

As a new initiative Our agriculture company has successfully cultivated
3 kinds grass ( Oat grass ,Reyan No4 ,3 Alfalfa) ,each grass on (5000 square meters)of land total 15000( square meters) targeting export to China which is found suitable for Animal feeding .

We selected Chitwan region of Nepal for the cultivation of the grass as we found this area much more viable ( geographically , tropically as well as easily assessable facility availability ) Targeting consumption within the nation as well major focusing on export to China .

We have already segregated 500000 (square meters )area of land soon for further cultivation of these grass if we found the response of the market in the positive side .